Stretched scooter Art sculpture Heritage transport museum Art installation

Art Installation (Scooter)

Location: Heritage Transport Museum

Gurugram, India.

The art installation pertinently reflects the concept of elasticity of time. Time is the substance that is most elastic and so much imbibed in our daily lives. We stretch our time according to our priorities and circumstances that are determined by the mind to turn our imaginations into reality, and, live up to our dreams. Human mind is flexible and works in a strange manner upon the body of time. The stretched scooter here is the symbol of the human mind, which becomes more flexible to evade the rigidity in life. The inspiration for this work is drawn from animated cartoon characters that are stretched to give a touch of flexibility. “The artwork is created from the iconic Bajaj Super scooter, the model year 1987. “

Artwork by - Daljeet Singh-